Trapper | 2015 – 2016

Jahr: 2015 – 2016
Kunde: Koenig Leatherwear GmbH
Agentur: 3deluxe
Thema: Fashion, B2C-Kommunikation
Medium: Print
Leistungen: Englische Texte für die halbjährlich erscheinenden Lookbooks

Projektbeschreibung: Editorial Design für Trapper True Leatherwear
Leistungsbeschreibung: Storytelling; emotional erzählende Werbetexte über Freiheit und Individualität

Thema: Outdoor-Küche

Simplify your life and get back to the essentials. The recipe to unwind is easy: Take some friends, go outside. Explore nature with all of your senses. Slow down at a crackling campfire and enjoy the pure flavours of wilderness cooking.

Until the fire is burning, your Trapper jacket will keep you warm and comfortable. Choosing Trapper means to choose quality instead of quantity: time-proven leatherwear that is made to last. Show off your good taste!

Thema: Hobo-Subkultur im Amerika der Zwanziger Jahre

Decide the direction of your own life, don’t let anyone else run or rule you. Free yourself from conventions and take a ride into the unknown. Search for the last remaining adventures in a world of routines. Hop on and hop off the train wherever you like. It’s all about living free …

Your Trapper jacket will be your true companion while riding the rails of life. Wearing Trapper is an expression of freedom and individuality – your tribute to an autonomous lifestyle.

Editorial Design: 3deluxe